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ShusterTransact is a leading debit, credit, and pre-paid card administration platform for purchase (P) cards, credit cards, and prepaid/stored value procurement cards.


ShusterTransact allows clients to access robust card management capabilities directly from Shuster360 or select a card issuer of their choosing to develop interchange revenue share arrangements.  ShusterTransact also allows users with the unique capability of linking their existing purchasing credit and debit cards, from any issuing bank, with their Shuster360 account.


ShusterTransact includes:


Card Co-branding
  Procurement cards issued by Shuster360 can be co-branded with our clients' logos and can be designed to meet unique branding requirements.
Restrictions and Limits
  The ShusterTransact card management system manages rules for total procurement program spending, daily spending, spending by merchant, spending by category, spending by geography, and many others.  All rules, limits and restrictions can be managed globally at the procurement program level or individually at the cardholder level.
Multiple Purse
  ShusterTransact procurement cards can be linked to multiple purses or accounts, and may include a debit and credit combination.
Real-time Authorizations
  ShusterTransact authorizes transactions presented to the system in real-time.
Flexible Reward Programs
  ShusterTransact offers a rewards program for certain types of card spending.  The system can also be used to manage an existing reward program for those clients converting to ShusterTransact cards.
Spending Integration with ShusterProcure
  Card transactions managed by ShusterTransact are immediately reflected, auto-categorized, and included in the reporting of ShusterProcure.


To learn more about ShusterTransact and how our other eProcurement solutions can help you, contact a sales representative today.





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