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Shuster360 is committed to adding value to our industry and helping raise the bar for spend management solution providers.  As a result, we have compiled a list of best practice and other critical requirements that buyers should evaluate prior to selecting an eProcurement vendor. These, among other factors, should be carefully examined and demonstrated as part of any RFI/RFP process.


Critical solution requirements include: 


  Ease of Use
    The best solutions have a simple, intuitive user interface and offer training to users on how best to use the system and all of the features.
Ease of Locating Items
    This includes having multiple ways to search or browse cataloges and having simple methods to save commonly purchased or favorite items for future use.
Punch Out
    This may include capabilities that allows buyers to access content or configuration
tools on a supplier’s website using the buyer’s own eProcurement software. This real-time access to configuration tools and product information is critical for products with many configurations or options, and for products that must be customized for each buyer.
Customizable Workflows
    Every organization has its own authorization and approval processes, and
an eProcurement solution should adapt to existing practices — or allow buyers to improve them. These include configurable approvals and routing and spending limits for specific buyers.
Create Single Requisitions
    Buyers should be able to specify purchases once and have them approved and
implemented without more paperwork. That means a single requisition for multiple suppliers and shipping addresses.
Generate Purchase Orders
    The best solutions automatically create purchase orders, send them electronically to suppliers, and request electronic confirmations.
Order Status
    Buyers should be able to login to the system and instantly see all their open orders and
requisitions, as well as their status.  The same applies for any invoices being imported into the accounting system.
Manage Receivables
    The best solutions have the ability to reconcile items ordered to items received and items invoiced.
Supplier Management
    Industry-leading solutions take an open-source approach to suppliers by linking your suppliers, regardless of their size and regardless of their technology sophistication when it comes to integration. EDI capabilities should not be a prerequisite for a supplier to be accessible through the eProcurement solution.
Consulting Services
    The best technologies should be augmented with services like supplier relations consulting that includes negotiating contracted pricing with suppliers, auditing contracts and rebate management, spend management consulting that ensures that the system is utilized in the manner that is most efficient and advantageous for each individual customer, and finally market consulting that includes benchmarking your organization against the overall market.


To learn more about Shuster360 and how our eProcurement solutions can help you, contact a sales representative today.


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