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Shuster360 is a premier Spend Management provider offering industry-leading technologies and consulting services that enable buyers and suppliers to take complete control of the supply chain.

We measure our success by the results and savings that we deliver to our clients. Our ShusterProcure purchasing portal provides unprecedented control, access, and customizability to clients of all sizes.  Our ease of use, flexible workflows, handling of receivables, and open-source approach to suppliers will help you accomplish all of your objectives for eProcurement.  Learn more about Shuster360, ShusterProcure, ShusterConnect, ShusterTransact, and our consulting services.

ShusterProcure is the industry-leading eProcurement technology that enables organizations to drive savings initiatives across the enterprise.  With the ability to link any supplier - regardless of technological capabilities, the capability of recording all purchases, online or offline, and integrating procurement card spending into a 360 degree view of organizational spend, our technologies are evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of the market.

But success for our clients goes beyond the bits and bytes of enabling technology.  Our consulting services include supplier relations consulting that include negotiating contracted pricing with suppliers, auditing contracts and rebate management, spend management consulting that ensures that the system is utilized in the manner that is most efficient and advantageous for each individual customer, and finally market consulting that includes benchmarking your organization against the overall market and/or other Shuster customers. Learn more about our consulting services.

Shuster360 manages a broad and diverse list of suppliers that meet our clients' food and beverage, operating, and supply needs.  Our supplier relations team works closely with these suppliers to ensure that you are getting the best pricing and all incentives available under your contract.

ShusterProcure takes an open-source approach to suppliers.  ShusterProcure can link your suppliers, regardless of their size and regardless of their technology sophistication when it comes to integration.  EDI capabilities isn't a prerequisite for a supplier to be accessible through the ShusterProcure portal.  We will add your suppliers - no questions asked, and with no additional costs to you or the supplier.  Learn more about our seller programs.

In order to drive savings and improve purchasing efficiency across the entire organization, it's imperative to capture 100% of the spend information, both online and offline, to identify and target areas of improvement.

Our ShusterProcure technology allows you to record every transaction, whether it was made online with an approved supplier, made offline at a retailer, or bought using a purchasing credit card.  This 360 degree view of spending across the enterprise gives you the flexibility of reporting on spend, changing budgets, and monitoring compliance all in real-time.  Learn more about ShusterProcure or ShusterTransact, or contact one of our sales representatives to discuss how we might be able help you.



Insights from a 360 Degree View
Our market-leading technology, ShusterProcure, allows companies of all sizes to take complete control of their supply chain. Shuster360 clients realize unprecedented savings, unmatched control, and complete transparency through a combination of our technologies and consulting services.  What's more, our reporting tools allow you to quickly analyze spending trends, compare benchmarks both inter and intra industry, and evaluate implications to corporate budgets, all in real-time. Learn more about our solutions


Medical and Pharmacy
Savings from eProcurement doesn't stop at food and beverage or operating supplies.  Medical goods and pharmacy purchases are a significant portion of the total spend for our clients.  Leading products from suppliers like Medline and McKesson, among others, are available through the ShusterProcure purchasing portal, right alongside the goods from your food and beverage suppliers.  In one simple transaction, you can procure everything you need across multiple suppliers and categories.  More features of ShusterProcure


Purchasing in the Cloud
It's all there - your purchasing history, your budgets and spend down data, your complete list of suppliers and vendors, your GL codes, and your consolidated view of spending.  eProcurement is changing, and Shuster360 is streamlining the inefficiencies and removing the costs associated with dealing with multiple suppliers, from large to small.  If you're new to the concept of eProcurement or cloud-based services, then we invite you to explore why ShusterProcure is right for you.

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