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ShusterConnect is an ASP-delivered, fully branded middle-ware product that connects ShusterProcure to the accounting/recordkeeping or A/P systems of our clients to streamline invoice reconciliation and match, manage, and approve invoices electronically.

ShusterConnect accepts the invoice data from ShusterProcure, and upon receiving this data, ShusterConnect performs several routines in processing and translating the invoice information such that it can be imported and interpreted by the accounting/record-keeping or A/P system without error.


ShusterConnect includes:


Easy Integration with Accounting Systems
  ShusterConnect can integrate with accounting systems through simple flat file exchanges via FTP or can be connected via web services.  Our standard APIs make integration quick and efficient.
Fully Branded User Interfaces

Our ShusterConnect technology is fully branded by our clients to include the logos, colors, property names, divisions, or other unique look and feel elements.

Daily Push Notifications
  ShusterConnect sends users daily push notifications indicating all system activity and any actions that need to be taken, such as mapping new suppliers or changing GL codes.
Advanced Error Checking

ShusterConnect examines all the invoice data that comes from ShusterProcure to ensure and remove duplicate invoices, check for zero quantity or zero dollar line items, check for invalid GL codes, and looks to find suppliers that aren't correctly mapped to the supplier list in the accounting system.

Multiple Property Management
  A single user has visibility into invoice information, suppliers, and GL codes for one property, all properties, or just those properties that are designated through rights access.


To learn more about ShusterConnect and how our other eProcurement solutions can help you, contact a sales representative today.





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