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Today, and for the foreseeable future, businesses have limited opportunities to increase revenue. In the face of burgeoning increases in expenses, buyers must turn to cost cutting initiatives in order to continue to provide the same level of service to their customers. The good news is that cutting costs can have a much greater effect on the bottom line than increasing revenues. The revenue to cost ratio is typically about 3 to 1. In other words, cutting costs by $100 has the same effect as increasing revenue by $300.  In industries where profit margins are low, this ratio exceeds 10 to 1.

Effective spend management solutions should deliver real-time, right-now access to your suppliers. Without an effective eProcurement solution, organizations lack the crucial, 360 degree view of spend data and best practice knowledge they need to make meaningful, sustained improvements. Instead they are relegated to frustrating inefficiencies: paper-driven, error-prone purchasing processes, reduced user and supplier engagement and frequent maverick buying that hampers data visibility and effective leveraging of spend.

Shuster360’s spend management solutions are designed to drive inefficiencies and hidden costs out of your purchasing activities. Through process automation, strengthened internal controls, increased visibility into purchasing activities and increased economies of scale, our spend management solutions support your goal of consistently obtaining the right products and services at the best possible price.


Shuster360 delivers:


16% Savings in Purchasing Using ShusterProcure and ShusterConnect
  Leverage the ShusterProcure technology platform, our clients realize 16% higher savings rates and 30% less revenue leakage than those companies who do not use enabling technology.
75% Reduction in Purchasing Cycle Times
  Invoicing and payment automation reduces processing costs, payment cycles, errors and prices paid.
100% Return on Negotiated Deals
  Our supplier relations team works closely with all suppliers, regional or national, to ensure that you are getting the best pricing and all rebates available under your contracts.
360 Degree View of Enterprise Spending
  Our ShusterProcure technology allows you to record every transaction, whether it was made online with an approved supplier, made offline at a retailer, or bought using a purchasing credit card. This 360 degree view of spending across the enterprise gives you the flexibility of reporting on spend, changing budgets, and monitoring compliance all in real-time.
Process Improvements and Operational Efficiency Savings
  Our spend management solutions help eliminate paper and faxed purchase orders, improve supplier response times and significantly reduce human errors.


To learn more about Shuster360 and how our eProcurement solutions can help you, contact a sales representative today.


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